SAB meat and dairy products, made according to Islamic rules, offer high-quality foods and minerals that meet international standards. SAB has been awarded the certificate of AZS - Quality and Management Standard. Following the introduction of the SQC – Special Quality Control System by SAB for the first time, the SAB brand has seized 50% of the meat and dairy market in Azerbaijan.


SAB wins Moscow Halal Expo-2014, Moscow Halal Expo-2015 and Moscow Halal Expo-2016. In 2015, we reiterated our success in Kazakhstan and were awarded the Grand Prix, the main prize of the event. In 2016, SAB trademark of Zahmat-Ruzi Limited Liability Company the company which operated in the meat and dairy sector in Azerbaijan, equipped with modern equipment, meeting local and international standards was awarded the Platinium mark of the Azerbaijan Consumer Food Safety badge, established by the Free Consumers Association with the support of USAID.


At our plant, we have an internationally accredited Laboratory that oversees the healthy and natural composition of our products and raw materials. Every raw material or the finished product that enters the facility is analyzed here. The laboratory where highly qualified personnel are is equipped with the most modern and comprehensive equipment. Highly qualified personnel mean that each of our employees has a degree in this field. The content of any food item can be checked here and received official feedback from any organization. There are also rooms for physician-microbiologist and physical-chemical examination in the laboratory. The head of the laboratory is Tahir Efendiyev, a candidate for veterinary sciences.


Our products are fully compliant with the requirements of the Azerbaijan Consumer Food Safety Badge (AIDA) program and have been awarded the highest Platinium mark. This means that the milk we use as raw material is only natural milk, that is, it does not contain soy or any other additives. Our meat products are just as natural as milk and 99% are local raw. All process from raw material to delivery is carried out by us at our factory and in full compliance with Islamic rules - the principle of halal. The manufacturing process is almost fully automated and sterile. Generally, raw materials and products that are available for sale are tested in lab conditions and provided to the consumer in a fully audited, high-quality form.