“SAB” brand is a part of “Zahmat-Ruzi” LLC, which was founded in 1998 and produces high-quality meat and milk as well as provide their processing. Our factory in Khirdalan city is equipped with the most up-to-date production facilities, laboratories, warehouses and transportation systems. The production is almost fully automated and our equipment is brought from Germany, Italy, and Poland. The entire system is managed by over 150 employees, each of whom is an expert in their field. Our company occupies a leading position in the production of sausages, milk, and delicacies in our country with about 15% market share. Our products are represented in outlets in all regions. Note that our product range is more than 100 in total. Each of our products is made based on the trio of "modern technology - unique recipes - constant quality control". As a result, our products have won numerous awards at many local and international food exhibitions and have been awarded prizes. Our activities are based on the principles of honesty, integrity, environmental nature, sustainable development, transparency, and accountability. Our main philosophy is to carefully evaluate the wishes of our buyers and to produce the highest quality products that meet those expectations. The main indicators of our quality are the Halal Guarantee provided by the Caucasian Muslim Board, as well as international ISO and ICRIC (Halal) certificates. From the very first day we started manufacturing we realized the impact of our products on human health and tried to reflect this approach in our relationships with our suppliers and customers. And most importantly, we have always gone beyond the formula of "not selling our products to customers" while keeping our consumers' health and taste at the forefront. We even declared "Open Door Day" every day at our plant to reflect the full transparency of the production and processing process. Our main goal now is to enter the world market with the SAB - Made In Azerbaijan brand in the future after fully meeting the needs of the local market.

Sabir Babayev founded "Zahmat-Ruzi" LLC and opens the first factory of the company at 111 Heydar Aliyev avenue, Narimanov district, Baku. The enthusiastic welcome of buyers in the early stages of their products gives a strong impetus to future work.

“Zahmat-Ruzi” LLC is already beginning to produce its products under the trademark “SAB”. The word "SAB" is derived from the first letters of the name and father’s name of the founder of the company, Sabir Atamali Babayev.

Zahmat-Ruzi LLC is building a new factory on 3 hectares in the new address –Khirdalan city, academic Hasan Aliyev Street 38, and the thus production process will be moved to this factory. The factory, laboratories, production shops, and warehouses are equipped with the most modern equipment, transportation systems are reconstructed.

SAB products are awarded the Gold Medal of the international “Moscow Halal - Expo – 2014”. Besides, the company is fully certified in 2014 by the State Committee on Standardization Metrology and Patents. Besides, SAB is the only brand guaranteed by the Caucasian Muslims Office.

Products won the Grand Prix Prize at the Food Exhibition in Kazakhstan and a gold medal at the Moscow Halal Expo-2015 for the second time.

SAB is awarded the Platinium mark of the Azerbaijan Consumer Food Safety label (AICTN Quality Mark), established by the Free Consumers Union, with the support of USAID. The brand is also awarded a gold medal at the Moscow Halal - Expo - 2016 for high-quality products.

On November 16, 2017, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev reviewed the activities of “Zahmat-Ruzi” LLC in Absheron. President Ilham Aliyev will present 60 kinds of meat and 40 types of dairy products under the brand SAB - Made In Azerbaijan.